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So now what for the Cleveland Cavaliers ?

It looked like the got it right. finally, after Lebron left without looking back, after several awful years at the bottom of the league, it actually looked like, as many experts expected, that the Cavs can pull it off and start gaining some respectability in the NBA, they had it all working again, and than.. it stopped.

After the decision by Lebron, the Cavs drafted Kyrie Irving, a wonderful talented super star in the making point guard. Irving, singlehandedly, helped the Cavs fight again, show some promising moves and looked like, with an addition of couple of pieces, on their up again to the promise land.

All of that was about to get much better, when the Cavs had the first pick in the draft again in a span of 3 years, and the sky is the limit with that much power. But, is it ? Luck, apparently has also a big roll in life as we all know, but what happened with the first pick is nothing shorter than incredible.

The Cavs selected Anthony Bennett, over handful of other talented players, a promising young Canadian who was suppose to ad size and strength and upgrade the team significantly, but that didn't really happen. Hopefully, he will get better, but so far, half way through the season, it looks like the Cavs blew it big time, as Bennett is having a really hard time adjusting to the NBA and he is now viewed as a big flop.

Not only that, now, there are some rumors from reliable source, that the Cavs best player Irving, is not so happy in Ohio, and he might want to leave, just as Lebron did, as he wishes to play in a competitive team who is actually moving forward, not backward.

The Cavs has a good organization, but the must sort all of these issues, and do it quickly. They have to produce some results, and show they can compete at a high level soon, otherwise, they will stay at the bottom of the association for years to come.

So what about some Hockey action ?

The playing are of any NHL match if of utmost important, this should be maintained properly, built to the required specifications and marked accordingly. Only when these stipulated directions are followed will NHL hold its matches in those rinks or playing area. The ice surface is enclosed in boards and glass extending between 40 and 48 inches and a height of 42 inches. The boards and glass like the ice surface is white in color while the marking are made in different color to be distinguished easily. The bottom of the board should have kick plate that is yellow in color

Care is taken that the NHL players are not hurt in any during the game and hence NHL strictly specifies that the boards facing inwards the rink should not have obstructions, objects and protrusions that can in any way cause harm to the players. Further safety is provided by the safety glass that extends vertically from the board to a height of five to eight inches. The glass and boards are fixed with appropriate padding and protection. The penalty benches that are close by the rink are also safeguarded by protective glass so that players who need to be on and off the rink are adequately protected.

A Little Baseball History :)

The Major League baseball was officially founded in 1869 and its 100th anniversary was celebrated in the year 1969 and its 125th anniversary in 1994. The first National association was short lived and existed from 1871 to 1875.

Currently there are only two major leagues and those are national league which was founded in 1876 and the other American League which was founded in 1901. There are also many other defunct leagues that are considered to be major and their statistical records are recorded with those of the two current major leagues, which includes the American Association active from 1882 to 1891 and the other Union Association which was founded in 1884, The Players League founded in 1890 and Federal League from 1914 to 1915.

During late 1950 there was serious effort to set up a third major league known as Continental League, However the league never played. Union Association and Players league are both considered as major leagues by many people and researchers alike because they achieved apparently high caliber of play considering number of star players in team. Both the Union Association and players League though were short lived. In later years the quality of the game was improved and many new star players were born.