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Giancarlo Stanton beats the record; what next?

So Giancarlo Stanton has smashed all records and is reputedly worth a cool $325 million thanks to his (unlucky for some…) 13 year deal with the Miami Marlins.

In theory, this keeps the 25-year-old Stanton at Miami until he’s pushing 40. The deal is the biggest single one ever in the whole history not just of our sport – but of all sports. However, the $292 million decade-long deal for first baseman Miguel Cabrera by the Detroit Tigers is a little bigger on an annualised basis.

So is any player really worth anything like this kind of money - and does Stanton really make that much difference?

As for the first question, this kind of debate has been raging in all major sports over the past 40 years or more, and the simple answer is “yes” on a commercial basis – about which more in a moment. As for the game-play on the field, well when you consider that the Marlins odds for the World Series were immediately slashed by major bookies all around the world including Skybet, 32 Red, Bet365 and others, you can soon see what the market thinks. Having said that, The Marlins are still longshots at 40-1 and there’s surely better value elsewhere.

Right in our own back yard, for example, the Indians can be had for as big a price as 28-1, which looks like an interesting value bet. The Indians are said to be confident that 31-year-old Brandon Moss will come back quickly from his post-season hip surgery – and Moss can make all the difference of course.

All in all, that 28-1 looks like an interesting punt and it could be even more interesting if you could get ion it for free with the aforementioned 32 Red as this site is also a casino with big welcome bonuses for new players of a free $32 for each $20 deposited. You can visit the 32red casino here to see what we mean – and if you’re fortunate enough, you should have enough free cash left-over to transfer to the sports book for a free fun punt ion the Indians or whoever else you think could land the World Series.

Whatever happens, it looks highly unlikely to be the Miami Marlins lining up inthe Series next October with or without Giancarlo Stanton. The Marlins just don’t look to have sufficient strength in depth to mount a serious challenge to the likes of favorites, the LA Dodgers, Washington Nationals, Detroit Tigers and St Louis Cardinals (in the order by the way).

At the same time, Stanton is, without doubt, one heck of a player. Stanton has knocked up 154 home runs in his five Major League seasons to date – and that’s an average that has been increasing more of late as the youngster becomes a man. Consider also that Stanton missed 17 games towards the end of last season after he was hit full in the face by a baseball, but he stillhit 37 home runs –running up the highest score in the National League.

So given stats like these and the endless commercial spin-offs, yes, Stanton is worth the money if he continues to knock them out of the park.

A Look Back at the Achievements and Stars of the Cleveland Indians 2014 Season

With the 2014 baseball season drawing to a close at the end of October, now is the perfect time to look back at another superb season for the Cleveland Indians. The team, who celebrated its 114th season as a franchise, finished the year ranked 3rd place in the Central Division. The Indians solid performance this year has led popular betting site bet365 to put them at a respectable 22/1 to win the MBL World series next year. However, before we get too preoccupied debating the Indians chances for next year’s series, lets enjoy reminiscing about this year’s stars and successes before concerning ourselves with next years.

The 2013-2014 offseason brought a few changes to the Indians lineup. Relief pitcher Joe Smith announced on November 23rd that he would be leaving the Indians for a three-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels. Less than two weeks later, pitcher Scott Kazmir was confirmed to have agreed on a $24 million-dollar contract to play with Oakland Athletics for two-years. To compensate for these departures, the Indians welcomed two new arrivals. Former Texas Rangers outfielder David Murphy signed a two-year contract, with a club option for a third, on November 25th and the addition of new designated hitter Jason Giambire was announced earlier the same month. The team, who has won two World Series Championships in 1920 and 1947, began their season on March 31st with a game against Oakland Athletics, held at the Indians's home of Progressive Stadium – formally known as Jacobs Field. The Indians, who train at Goodyear Ballpark in Arizona, blasted their way to a 2-0 win for a fantastic start to the season. The remainder of the Indians’ season saw the team compile a 54.9 winning percentage with 85 games won and 77 lost. This overall winning percentage consisted of a 44-33 record at home and a 37-44 away. The Indians closed the season with a 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, in their 17th season of Major League Baseball, played at home.

The undeniable star of the Indians stellar 2014 campaign was pitcher Corey Kluber. The 28 year-old American, who played college baseball at Stetson University, complied an impressive 18-9 record and 2.44 ERA this season. His winning record tying him with Detroit Tigers's Max Scherzer and Los Angeles Angels's Jered Weaver for the AL lead and his incredible ERA ranking him third-best for the season. Moreover, Kluber's striking out of 269 batters in nearly 236 innings was the 2nd best showing in the major leagues with this record only being tightly beaten by the Detroit Tigers's David Price's 271. These achievements, prompted by consistent and high performances all season, meant that the Birmingham, Alabama native was awarded the AL Cy Young Award, narrowly beating longstanding Seattle Mariners player Felix Hernandez in the vote. In addition to these impressive season records, Kluber also had some other notable achievements this year. On April 25th Kluber became the first Indians pitcher to throw a complete game of 11+ strikeouts, 0 earned runs and 0 walks since Len Barkers legendary perfect game in 1981. In May Kluber became the first Indians pitcher since Dennis Eckersley to record over 60 strike outs in a single month. Although, this should not suggest that Kluber was the only Indians pitcher to make history this year with 24 year-old Danny Salazar becoming the first modern era pitcher to get 10 strikeouts before the end of the fourth innings of a game.

Baseball field layout explanation

The baseball field looks attractive due to the designs created on the field. However, have you ever wondered what exactly the baseball field is all about? Read on to get an insight of the baseball field.

In a baseball field, there are three important sets of items. The dimensions of the field vary based on the league in question. It mostly consists of four bases such as the home, first, second and third, the rubber, officially the pitcherג€™s plate and the two straight white lines, which are the foul lines.

The lines and poles divide the baseball field into fair and foul territories, which are highly important. If you love to play baseball or love to watch the game, then it is highly advisable for you to know the field of the baseball as it will help you to improve your knowledge about the game and will make it more fun and exciting.

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